Dr. Alexander M. Balagurov, Director

I am very pleased to introduce to you our company and also, render support to you in your bussiness in Russia if you may get interested.

Our company is involved in designing and manufacturing meteorological instruments, basicly, for upper-air sounding. As part of the Central Aerological Observatory (the Russian Federal Hydrometeorological Service), our staff implemented successfully a number of projects during the last 25 years.

The specialist of our company have developed new techniques, instruments and systems for operational and special upper-air sounding, particularly, humidity and temperature sensors, radiosondes, data processing and storage systems, and accessory devices: radiosonde batteries, balloons, etc.

Our company possesses unique precise gauges and reference equipment for temperature and humidity sensors' calibration and testing, permitting one to simulate atmospheric conditions up to a 30-km level. Jointly with the Russian Federation State Standart Committee, our specialists carried out comprehensive tests to certify temperature and humidity radiosonde sensors.

We are reade to render you any help and support in order to provide the market for your products in the CIS countries. In the near future we will be reade to offer you our company's serial production, in particular, radiosondes and data processing and storage systems.

We'll be glad, if our companies could collaborate in these or any other fields for the mutual benefit and development. Hope for further collaboration,


Alexander Balagurov